Portable Meters FiveGo™ Conductivity

Handy routine meter for conductivity-, salinity- and TDS measurements. Applicable in various fields (e. g. food, beverages, water- / environmental analysis etc.).
  • Data logger with 30 data sets.
  • Large, clearly arranged LCD display.
  • Power supply 4 AAA batteries 1.5 V or rechargeable batteries 1.2 V.
Technical Data:
Conductivity:0.1 µS / cm to 199.9 mS / cm
TDS:0.1 mg / l to 199.9 g / l
Salinity:0.00 to 19.99 psu
Temperature / Resolution:0 to 100 °C / 0.1 °C
Portable Meters FiveGo™ Conductivity  METTLER TOLEDO
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No.  Price/Unit/GBP 
LE703 conductivity electrodefor medium conductivity15425105- 147.74Order
LE740 conductivity electrodefor low conductivity15429869- 266.34Order
FiveGo™ F3-Metermeter only15438910- 422.40Order
FiveGo™ F3-Standardstandard kit with LE703 IP67 sensor15438911- 567.02Order
FiveGo™ F3-Fieldstandard kit with LE703 IP67 sensor and carrying case15438912- 622.16Order
For further LE electrodes please see 'Light Edition Electrodes'.