The integrated air valve blocks hazardous vapours and cleans the inflowing air from dust and dirt particles. With various connectors for capillaries and tubes. SafetyCaps are available for most common glass bottles (e. g. thread size GL45). They can be customised for other container sizes by using different adapters. Especially recommended for HPLC use: solvents stay clean and components of solvent mixtures can not evaporate. Optimum protection against health hazards caused by evaporation and insufficient sealing.
  • No evaporation of hazardous gases.
  • No contamination of solvents.
  • No twisting or 'tangled tubes'.
  • Easy container exchange.
  • No air intake (HPLC).
  • Save expensive solvents by avoiding evaporation.
  • Cost efficiency.
  • Reproducible analysis results through stable mobile phase.
SafetyCaps  S.C.A.T
SafetyCaps  S.C.A.TSafetyCaps  S.C.A.TSafetyCaps  S.C.A.T   
TypeDescriptionThreadPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
SafetyCap1 connector with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323107119-122.12Order
SafetyCap I1 connector with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323107019-81.39Order
SafetyCap I1 connector with 6.35 mm outer Ø, for preparative HPLCGL 451323107007-121.04Order
SafetyCap I1 connector with 3.2 mm outer Ø, fire-resistant, orangeGL 451323112019-114.94Order
SafetyCap I with shut-off1 connector with 3.2 mm outer Ø, fire-resistant, orange, 4.76 mmGL 451323112119-166.15Order
SafetyCap I1 connector with capillaries, 4.76 mm outer ØGL 451323108032-96.71Order
SafetyCap II2 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323107909-90.71Order
SafetyCap II2 connectors with 6.35 mm outer Ø, for preparative HPLCGL 451323107008-152.05Order
SafetyCap II2 connectors with 3.2 mm outer Ø, fire-resistant, orangeGL 451323112909-127.30Order
SafetyCap II with shut-off2 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323107919-144.26Order
SafetyCap II with shut-off2 connectors with 3.2 mm outer Ø, fire-resistant, orangeGL 451323112919-on demand 
SafetyCap II with shut-off (combined)2 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323107219-130.53Order
SafetyCap III3 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323107910-96.03Order
SafetyCap III3 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323107920-155.34Order
SafetyCap III with shut-off (combined)3 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323107319-151.54Order
SafetyCap IV4 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323107410-113.92Order
SafetyCap IV with shutoff4 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323107419-166.05Order
SafetyCap III3 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 381323107512-90.20Order
SafetyCap VI6 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323107520+114.94Order
SafetyCap VI with shutoff6 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323107519-209.55Order
Air valve for SafetyCap to 150 ml / minUNF ¼" 28GGL 451323117010+25.01Order
Air valve, fire resistant, for SafetyCap, max. 150 ml / minUNF ¼" 28GGL 451323112010-35.92Order
Air valve for SafetyCap to 400 ml / minUNF ¼" 28G-1323117011-30.75Order
Air valve, fire resistant, for SafetyCap, max. 150 ml / min, PU = 10UNF ¼" 28G-10323112110-239.30Order
Air valve for SafetyCap to 150 ml / minUNF ¼" 28GGL 4510323197010+207.86Order
SafetyCap I1 connector with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 281323107005-121.40Order
SafetyCap II2 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 281323107006-132.43Order
SafetyCap I1 connector with 3.2 mm outer ØS 40 / GL 401323107100-88.10Order
SafetyCap II2 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØS 40 / GL 401323107101-88.10Order
SafetyCap III3 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØS 40 / GL 401323107742-95.98Order
Available in different connections.