SafetyCaps 2.0

SafetyCaps (Generation 2.0) for HPLC solvent supply.

Max. safety for HPLC solvent supply. The integrated air valve (B) blocks hazardous vapours and cleans the inflowing air (M) from dust and dirt particles.
  • Protection against escaping solvent vapours.
  • Solvents (L) und and mixtures remain clean and stable.
  • No twisted tubing, easy container exchange.
  • No air intake in to the HPLC system.
  • Reproducible analytical results through stable mobile phase.
  • Use the supplied blind plugs to tighten connections which are temporarily inactive or not in use.

Generation 2.0:
  • Air valve (B) with PTFE filter (G) and Luer-Lock adapter (A).
  • Valve membrane (H) optimized for analytical and preparative flow rates.
  • Improved PFA fittings (C).
  • Body (D / I) made of medical grade PTFE, food safe, FDA conform.
  • Screw cap (F) made of PPS, autoclavable / sterilisable up to 200 °C.
  • PTFE and PPS with excellent chemical resistance and flammability classification V-0 (UL-94).
  • Insertion label (E) for individual inscription.
  • Improved FKM seal (J) for stable fit on any bottle.
  • Improved ergonomics and construction (K).
SafetyCaps 2.0  S.C.A.T
TypeDescriptionThreadPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
SafetyCap Generation 2.01 connector with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323307119-108.59Order
SafetyCap I Generation 2.01 connector with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323307019-93.81Order
SafetyCap I Generation 2.01 connector with 6.35 mm outer Ø, for preparative HPLCGL 451323307007-146.91Order
SafetyCap I Generation 2.01 connector with capillaries, 4.76 mm outer ØGL 451323308032-85.98Order
SafetyCap II Generation 2.02 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323307909+104.90Order
SafetyCap II Generation 2.02 connectors with 6.35 mm outer Ø, for preparative HPLCGL 451323307008-135.17Order
SafetyCap II Generation 2.0 with shut-off2 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323307919-128.22Order
SafetyCap II Generation 2.0 with shut-off (combined)2 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323307219-115.98Order
SafetyCap III Generation 2.03 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323307910-86.15Order
SafetyCap III Generation 2.03 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323307920-138.07Order
SafetyCap III Generation 2.0 with shut-off (combined)3 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323307319-134.73Order
SafetyCap IV Generation 2.04 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323307410-103.22Order
SafetyCap VI Generation 2.06 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323307520-104.10Order
SafetyCap VI Generation 2.0 with shutoff6 connectors with 3.2 mm outer ØGL 451323307519-186.21Order
Air valve for SafetyCap Generation 2.0 to 400 ml / minUNF ¼" 28GGL 451323317010-22.44Order
Available in different connections.