Heating Thermostats Proline Edition X

Heating and cooling thermostats with temperatures from - 90 up to 3 300 °C for professional use in research, application engineering and production. Intuitive operation, powerful, broad temperature range.
  • Removable Command remote control with graphic LCD allows for an easy and intuitive operation and quick setting changes.
  • RS-232- / 485 interface integrated.
  • Software LAUDA Wintherm plus included as standard: control of thermostats and data recording via PC.
  • Patented SmartCool system: up to 75 % energy saving with digital cooling management.
  • PowerAdapt system for adjustment of the power consumption.
  • 2 insert ports can be combined with 8 different interface modules: high level of flexibility for the user allowing for broad range of system integration.
  • Pump connections on the side and rear.
  • Easy distribution of the pump flow by means of bypass valve: simultaneous connection of 2 external applications.
  • High-performance pressure-suction pump (Varioflex pump) with 8 pump levels.
  • Up to 3.5 kW (at 230 V) heating power - even on all cooling thermostats via SmartCool system: rapid heating achieved.
  • Optional warranty of 36 month available.

Application examples:
  • Temperature control for chemical synthesis.
  • Tests on electronic components at different temperatures.
  • Temperature control of measuring structures in process technology.
  • Heating and cooling of glass reactors.
The P 26 C, P 40 C and P 50 C heating thermostats have large baths. The intuitive operation guidance system allows complex thermostating functions, particularly those with internal thermostating processes and the ability to edit programmes rapidly. A circulation chamber on the P 40 and P 50 ensures good mixing in the bath and thus guarantees good temperature homogeneity.

Items supplied:
Bath cover (not with P 40 C and P 50 C), 2 nipples and 4 closing plugs for pump connections, 2 nipples for cooling coil, software Wintherm Plus.
Technical Data:
Temperature stability:± 0.01 K
Heating power:3.5 kW
Max. pump pressure:P 12 C: 1.1 bar (pressure pump)
rest: 0.7 bar
Max. pump suction:P 12 C: without
rest: 0.4 bar
Max. pump flow (pressure):P 12 C: 32 l / min (pressure pump)
rest: 25 l / min
Max. pump flow (suction):P 12 C: without
rest: 23 l / min
Mains supply:230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Heating Thermostats Proline Edition X  LAUDA
Heating Thermostats Proline Edition X  LAUDAHeating Thermostats Proline Edition X  LAUDAHeating Thermostats Proline Edition X  LAUDAHeating Thermostats Proline Edition X  LAUDAHeating Thermostats Proline Edition X  LAUDA 
Bath capacity
opening / depth
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
P 5 C35 to 3003.5 to 5.5150 x 50 / 20015438780-16,830.00Order
P 8 C35 to 3005.5 to 8.0150 x 150 / 20015438781-19,298.40Order
P 12 C30 to 3006.5 to 13.5150 x 150 / 32015438782-6,900.30Order
P 18 C30 to 30012.5 to 19.0300 x 200 / 20015438783-6,967.62Order
P 26 C30 to 30018.0 to 27.0300 x 350 / 20015438784-7,483.74Order
P 40 C30 to 300*30.0 to 37.0250 x 270 / 45015438785-7,551.06Order
P 50 C30 to 300*35.0 to 53.0750 x 300 / 20015438786-11,197.56Order
Instead of pressure and suction pump, P 12 C is equipped with increased output.
Working temperature range with water cooling 20 to 300 °C.
* Max. temperature achieved only with closed bath cover.