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Desiccants, orange / Azelis 
Desiccator lid, Duran, with knob / DWK Life Sciences 
Desiccator lid, Duran, with tubus / DWK Life Sciences 
Desiccator plate / DWK Life Sciences 
Desiccators, Duran®, with knobbed lid / DWK Life Sciences 
SICCO star-desiccator / Star-Vitrum-desiccator / Bohlender 
Desiccator plates, porcelain / Haldenwanger 
Immersion circulator ICC basic / IKA-Werke 
Immersion circulator ICC control / IKA-Werke 
Stopcock for desiccators, Duran tubing, side tubus / Lenz Laborglas